The rose farmers practice Fair Trade which is part of their certification for Veriflora. Translated that means the companies are socially responsible by follow ing labor laws and that employees  get a fair wage. Working conditions are good and the employees have benefits of day care facilities,healthcare, two meals a day at work, sporting events, small business loans to start up their own farm, extra hours, paid maternity leave and many more. Employees are treated with respect by the companies. Our rose purchases help the poor of Ecuador by providing them with a fair wage and  their growing practices keep that environment safe. The roses that we receive are the best which come with a longer vase life than roses purchased in stores. .


Another reason to buy roses from Ecuador is that the customer will receive them in a very fresh state, that helps to lengthen the vase life. The roses are received by the customer within five days from the time that roses are cut for packaging. The rose farm employees pack them in bunches of 25, are then hydrated and ready to be placed in boxes according to the customer needs. After inspection, the boxes are ready to go to the refrigerated truck and off to the cargo agency at the airport in Quito. Fedex labels are placed on rose boxes in the cold room and then are placed on the plane. Flowers leave Quito to Miami where they clear customs, then to Memphis and on to every zip code in the US.

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